Objectives of Policy

  1. Deter malpractices and wrongdoings and promotes good corporate governance practices.

  2. Provide employees and external parties such as suppliers, customers, contractors and other stakeholders with a framework to report wrongdoings or malpractices without fear nor reprisals.

  3. Provide assurance that whistleblowing reports done in good faith will be appropriately dealt with and investigated.

What Can be Reported

  1. Some examples of reportable incidents are listed below, which is non exhaustive:

    Fraud and deceit
    Theft of Group’s assets or resources
    Abuse or power or authority
    Conduct which is in breach of law
    Confidentiality & Protection

Confidentiality & Protection

  1. All reports will be treated with strict confidentiality.

  2. The Whistle-blower may report the event/incident anonymously. However, the Group encourages the Whistle-blower to identify himself/herself as this will help in follow up investigation.

  3. The Whistle-blower shall receive no retaliation or retribution for a report that was provided in good faith, one that was not done primarily with malice to damage another person or the Group or its staff.

  4. A Whistle-blower who makes a report that is NOT done in good faith is subject to discipline, including termination of the employment (if he/she is a staff), or other legal means to protect the reputation of the Group, its employees and its Board of Directors.

How to Report

  1. The whistle-blower can report by emails to the CEO, the Audit Committee or through the following channels:

    1. By email:
      whistleblowing@aedge.com.sg (directed to Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee, and CEO)
      auditcomm@aedge.com.sg (directed to Audit and Risk Committee members only)

    2. By mail:
      The Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee (confidential)
      c/o Block 4009 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
      Tech Place 1, #04-33
      Singapore 569736

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